Hello everyone!

We know this is a crazy time and hope everyone is safe and comfortable in social isolation. We are writing to announce that applications for ACS board positions for the 2020-2021 school year are now open. 

TL;DR: ACS Board applications are due on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15 at MIDNIGHT. The link to apply can be found here: 

Board positions are as follows: 

Vice-President: The Vice-President shall call ACS meetings in the President’s absence and coordinate the activities of the Chairs. The Vice-President will organize the ACLU Panel the first week of the Fall Semester. They will also be responsible for keeping the email list-serve up to date. Will assist President with administrative duties.

Director of Operations: The Director of Operations shall lead the teams which plan and organize the fall and spring events. The Director of Operations will head event planning efforts and will ensure that all events run smoothly. This includes posting about events on the Daily Disclosures and creating flyers for all ACS sponsored events. Duties may also include the ordering and delivery of food for events, overseeing set-up and break-down of events, and ensuring flyers are printed appropriately.

Director of Community Engagement: The Community Engagement Member will coordinate with other ACS student chapters in our geographical vicinity to co-sponsor events, invite speakers and organize networking events and socials. The Director of Community Engagement will be responsible for all events during Orientation and tabling throughout the semester. Further, the Community Engagement Member will be the point of contact for ACS members in the general student body who wish to become more involved in the planning of events. The Community Engagement Member shall also assist the President in updating the Outline Bank.

Diversity and Inclusion Chair: The Diversity and Inclusion Chair helps to ensure that programming is inclusive and holistic, that programming includes diverse speakers, that membership is diverse, and that the chapter regularly collaborates, communicates and partners with diverse bar associations and other organizations. The Diversity and Inclusion Chair shall also host an event centered around civil rights or discrimination each semester.

Historian-Alumni Relations Chair: The Historian-Alumni Relations Chair shall keep a list of ACS Attorney Chapter members who are willing to meet with students to discuss their careers. Additionally, the Historian/Alumni Relations Chair will host a networking event with ACS Attorney Chapter members whose firms/organizations are looking to hire law students and new graduates.

Social Media Chair: The Social Media Chair shall run social media accounts to keep the public and nationals up to date on events that we’re hosting on campus. They will be responsible for posting a brief summary of each event within three days of the event and growing our chapter’s presence in the community.

2L / 3L Representatives: Each Class Representative will host one social event per semester (lunches, happy hour, etc.) for ACS members. Class Representatives will be responsible for outreach to their respective classmates about chapter activity. Representatives may be asked to assist the Treasurer and Social Media chairs, as well as help plan and execute events. 1L representatives will be selected in the fall.

Convention Chairs: Convention chairs must have held a position on the ACS board during the 2019-2020 academic year. Convention chairs will coordinate with nationals on planning the convention.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to either Pam Rattinger or Julia Manacher with any questions about any of the positions or the application process. Again, applications are due by WEDNESDAY APRIL 15 AT MIDNIGHT. The form is here:

Thanks and stay healthy everybody!