New Externship Opportunity for Summer and Fall Now Open on Atlas

New Externship Opportunity for Summer and Fall Now Open on Atlas

Deadline to apply for summer is May 8, 2020

Deadline to apply for fall is May 31, 2020

The Arizona Center for Economic Progress is a non-profit advocacy organization which advances policy solutions at the State Capitol and at the federal level to help all Arizonans move up the economic ladder. We seek to address harmful policies which have harmed communities of color by proposing new policies to remove barriers to working and getting an education. Tax policy at the state level is a big focus of our work to create a fairer tax code for all Arizonans and to raise sufficient revenues to invest in those policies that will strengthen Arizona’s workforce and create a strong economy. An extern working for us in 2020 will assist us in researching, interpreting and analyzing policies to help support Arizonans during the COVID health and economic crisis. This will also include assisting us put together our 2021 legislative agenda and writing draft legislation.

Examples of potential written work the extern will produce include: 1) written memo on state tax policy solutions to address Arizona’s budget shortfall caused by the COVID-19 crisis; 2) Providing a legal research memorandum opining on the parameters of the Governor/executive branch authority to act without legislative authority during COVID pandemic; 3) preparing research memorandum on Arizona’s unemployment insurance system and comparing to other state systems and proposed policy changes to improve Arizona’s system; 4) writing draft state legislation for the 2021 legislative session which could include legislation for paid family leave; unemployment system changes, or K-12 education funding changes.

Address your cover letters as follows:

David Lujan, Esquire
Arizona Center for Economic Progress
3030 N 3rd Street Suite 650
Phoenix, AZ 85012