2021 HAYZEL B. DANIELS SCHOLARSHIP for MLS and 1L/2L/3L Law Students

2021 HAYZEL B. DANIELS SCHOLARSHIP for MLS and 1L/2L/3L Law Students

Hayzel B. Daniels 2021 scholarship application

The Arizona Black Bar will be awarding scholarships to assist MLS and 1L/2L/3L law students with law school expenses. Applicants must prepare and submit an essay and meet the criteria listed below. The submission deadline is October 18, 2021.

• The applicant must be a MLS or a current law student.
• The applicant must be an active member of the law school’s Black Law Student Association (BLSA). If the applicant’s school does not have a BLSA chapter, the applicant shall discuss his/her involvement in a comparable organization.
• The applicant must obtain a letter from the BLSA President, the BLSA academic adviser, or the manager of the comparable community organization if no BLSA chapter is present. The letter should state that the applicant is an active member of the organization.
• The applicant must provide an unofficial transcript, indicating a minimum GPA of 3.0. Undergraduate transcripts are acceptable for 1L students.
• The applicant should provide a statement explaining his/her need for financial support. The applicant should explain how he/she will work to further diversity and inclusion within the legal community as well as the public. The applicant should also explain the type of involvement he/she intends to have with the Arizona Black Bar as a practicing attorney.
• The applicant must submit the completed materials to the student’s Financial Aid
Department no later than 5pm, October 18, 2021.

Once the applicant’s essay has been submitted, the following will occur:
• The Law School’s Financial Aid Department shall review the applications and forward the pool of applications and essays meeting the minimum criteria outlined above to Dawn Walton at Dawn.Walton@jbazmc.maricopa.gov.
• A selection committee will review the submitted, eligible essays for possible selection as the scholarship recipients.
• The selected recipient will be presented with the scholarship at the Arizona Black Bar Hayzel B. Daniel Scholarship Gala on Friday November 5, 2021. The applicant’s attendance is requested.
• The funds for the will be disbursed to the recipient by the Arizona Black Bar.

For additional information, please contact Dawn Walton at Dawn.Walton@jbazmc.maricopa.gov.