SP 22 First Amendment Clinic – Limited Vacancy – Apply by December 15th

SP 22 First Amendment Clinic – Limited Vacancy – Apply by December 15th

The First Amendment Clinic gives students experience in many aspects of a First Amendment and media law practice. The clinic’s workload is different every semester, due to the wide range of matters we will take on. Students have defended libel and invasion-of-privacy suits, assisted in First Amendment-based civil rights claims, argued to unseal court records, fought to make state and federal government agencies release documents, written friend-of-the-court briefs in a wide array of cases, provided pre-publication assistance for authors, helped authors obtain interviews with controversial prisoners, and fought for changes in government policies.

What students do: Student attorneys are certified to practice in the clinic by the Arizona Supreme Court. Clinic students will be involved in all aspects of a legal practice, particularly emphasizing interviewing and counseling clients, drafting, and filing legal briefs, pleadings, and motions, and representing clients in court.

Credits: Students can enroll for four, five or six total credits. Two credits for the graded seminar, and either two, three or four credits pass/fail for the client component. Students should pick the amount of credits they wish to enroll for. Four total credits will require 180 hours of course and client work over the semester. Five credits will require 225 hours, and six credits will require 270 hours.  Classes are Tuesday and Thursdays.

You can also check the clinic web page for more information. https://law.asu.edu/experiences/clinics/first-amendment

Applications for clinics are normally through Atlas but for this limited vacancy please email your resume and statement of interest to Professor Leslie directly at gregg.leslie@asu.edu no later than December 15th for consideration.