ASU Indian Legal Clinic Wills and Probate – Vacancies for Fall 2022 – Apply by Tomorrow, May 12th at 9am

ASU Indian Legal Clinic Wills and Probate – Vacancies for Fall 2022 – Apply by Tomorrow, May 12th at 9am

ASU Law – Indian Legal Clinic – Wills and Probate

This course is for students interested in estate planning and estate administration. Our client population is Native Americans and tribal nations. Students assist clients with the preparation of Indian wills and other estate planning documents that conform to the requirements of both federal and state law. Students provide this assistance through participation in wills clinics held on reservations of various tribes across the United States and also through representation of individual clients.

Students also represent clients in the settlement of a both probate and non-probate estates, including representing clients who are interested parties in Indian probate matters heard by U.S. Department of Interior’s Office of Hearing and Appeals and also in the settlement of other estates and probate matters before tribal and state courts.

Classes educate students on the nature of property ownership in Indian county and on probate practice in federal, tribal, and state court. Classes also include simulations to prepare students for working with estate planning clients.

Course information

The ILC Wills and Probate Clinic is a one-semester course.

  • Credits: three graded credits 
  • This Class is not a substitute for Decedent’s Estates, and it does not fulfill the Indian Legal Clinic requirement for a Certificate in Indian Law. 
  • Pre/Co-Requisite(s): Decedent’s Estates or Federal Indian Law IEvidence, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law & Professional Responsibility

Time commitment

Students are expected to spend a minimum of 135 hours in the Clinic during the one semester.

  • Included in those hours is a mandatory seminar class of 1.5 hours twice a week.  
  • Students are also expected to participate in the mandatory wills clinics throughout the semester. You must have three long weekends available (example: Thursday afternoon to Saturday evening or Friday to Sunday) to participate in the wills clinics.
  • Time spent on representing individual clients also counts towards those hours.

Please see posting and apply via Atlas beginning Tuesday, April 12th through Thursday, May 12th at 9 am.                                 In at Atlas, OCI Jobs and search using “clinics”.

Offers will be made via Atlas no later than Friday, May 13th.

For more information, contact Helen Burtis at