This is your new location for all student news, all the time.  Instead of being inundated by emails, all announcements, meeting information, events and other bits of information will be posted here.  You will receive one email per day with a link to the site.  You may also subscribe to the RSS feed in you prefer to get the site news that way.

To the right you will see links to different areas that might interest you, like Student Organization news.  Click those buttons to get all news for those topics.  If you only want to see the postings for a particular organization, you can search for that organization in the Search field, or you can use the Tag Cloud in the right hand column and click on the group’s name. 

In the menu links along the top under the header, you will find some pages with general information that won’t change too much, such as a link to the Student Policies, links to the calendars… that sort of thing.

We hope this site will help you know what is happening at the law school in a more organized and easier way.